7. Check this

The Check this lets you share a quick link with your audience without further details. The Check this teaser is shown only in the home feed, it does not have a dedicated detail page.

What do I need?

Very simple: you need a link and a teaser image.

How does the Check this look like?

You can find an exemplary Check this here: https://blog.siemens.com/type/check-this/

Create a Check this

  1. Click on the burger menu.
  2. Click Create Content.
  3. Select an audience and click Next step.
  4. Select the template Check this and click Use this template.
  5. Select a topic and click Create post to start writing.

Add the headline & description

Enter the headline.

Optionally, you can enter the description below the image block.

Add the image

  1. Click the Upload button to upload an image from your desktop.
  2. Click the Media library button to insert an image directly from your previously uploaded images in the Siemens Blog Media library.
  3. Click the pencil button if you want to upload a different image.

Add the link

  1. Start typing in the button block to enter the button text.
  2. Click on the chain icon in the tool bar and add a link.
  3. Activate the toggle to “open in a new tab“.

Publication process

Follow the checkout process. You can find more information here.