6. AI-supported checks

Within our Writer’s Tool, we offer AI-supported AI checks. It helps you to improve your articles in real time, optimises them for the search engine and generates inspiring headlines. In addition, the tool analyses the context of the contribution and gives tag recommendations on how it can be linked to other relevant topics – based on a context analysis in social media and a machine learning module.

Activate AI checks

  1. After finishing your article, click on Publish
  2. Click on Yes, please! in the AI Check overlay.
  3. The AI checks show up in the sidebar on the right. Just follow them step by step.
  4. Select keyword for your post: Help the AI editor optimise your content by selecting the keyword that best fits the topic of your post.
  5. Optimise headline: You can select one of these optimised headlines to help search engines find your post; or choose your existing one.
  6. Add related keywords: Help readers find your post by also using the additional keywords suggested below in your content.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Click on Publish again to start the checkout process.