1. Spaces on Siemens Blog

Siemens Blog is the home for communities around thought leadership topics people across the globe care about. To foster the communities, we introduce the new Spaces. They are not only a tag that can be added to any post. They represent a community that discusses and contributes around a specific topic or theme.

As such, Spaces can be created for many different purposes. Some example uses of Siemens Blog Spaces include:

  • A publication Space with a fixed publication team that posts stories around a specific topic
  • A community Space, a publication that accepts stories published around a specific topic 
  • A company Space, a publication that is created specifically to share department or country-related stories
  • A collection of individual stories by a single author that are parts of a larger whole

Dedicated Space homepage with a more customisable layout

The spaces let you collect all of the posts on a single page, so it acts like a landing page for the topic and has its own URL (along with its own page stats). Each Space has their own customisable homepage. In the Spaces settings, you can add a big header image, a title, a logo and a short description.

Being easy to find

All Spaces on Siemens Blog are collected on an overview page: https://blog.siemens.com/spaces. From here, all users can browse, discover and follow spaces. Users can also “follow” a space to receive notifications about new posts directly to their mailbox or on Siemens Blog.

You can have space owners, and after a bit of training you can approve posts for the space rather than waiting for the central team to approve posts written by authors.

The Spaces overview page can be reached with the Spaces link in the header across the whole page.

Become more visible

Spaces are shown within the teasers and make your community more visible in the home feed to new readers.